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Roman Soldier Armour

When one thinks of tough military soldiers, images of Medieval knights and Roman gladiators. The Ancient Roman military played a great role in the expansion of the Roman Empire. This military force utilized technology and materials which at the time were sophisticated, superior and most advanced. The Roman soldier was fierce and tough. Bravery and skill were needed to handle the brutal warfare atmosphere. Besides having physical and mental strength, the Roman soldier was also dressed in sturdy armour.

At Historical Reproductions, we have a variety of Roman soldier armour including different helmet styles reminiscent of different decades. In our inventory, we also have Roman soldier under garments, textile armour, breastplates, shin guards and guards for forearms.

To complete your Roman soldier armour ensemble, Historical Reproductions also sells a variety of Ancient Roman weapons by premier brands and manufacturers including Get Dressed for Battle.

If you’re more interested in Medieval times with valiant knights, we also have Medieval armour and weapons available.

The mighty Ancient Roman soldiers and valiant Medieval knights have fascinated generations and their history can come to life with accurate historical re-enactments by actors clad with authentic Medieval and Roman soldier armour. To get your authentic, historical armour, view our inventory below.

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